Are you or a loved one overwhelmed with a significant health issue or disability?

Do you feel that with better management and advocacy skills you could see a benefit to your mental & physical health, and quality of life?

*services may be covered through your health care insurance or EAP*

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Disability advocacy
Approval for disability benefits
Patient advocate
Patient navigator
Disability advocate Canada
Apply for disability funding
Healthcare management
Managing health records
Children with special needs
Video or phone consulting
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
Connective tissue disorders
Angelman Syndrome

Available by phone or video consulting for your convenience

Pay It Forward

Please call or email to arrange an initial consultation.

Community Initiatives

  • Referrals to community services & programs
  • Needs assessments for organizations & small business
  • Patient advocacy
  • Disability/accessibility advocacy
  • Individual help applying for programs or funding
  • Individual case management

*health care management & disability advocacy*

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Health Disability Advocacy Services New Brunswick Canada

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Registered Social Worker

Are you currently in a position to help someone else by "Paying it Forward"?

My special interest (niche) is

in helping those with chronic health issues and persons with disabilities.


Consulting for Non-Profit & Small Business

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Offering a mobile service

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Jennifer Belyea disability health social worker

Specializing in health care management and disability advocacy

With You Advocacy Services


For your health management... specializing in chronic illness and disability management and patient advocacy.